Marshall House Project is a driving soul-funk outfit with one foot rooted in the deep pockets of the past and the other fearlessly exploring the deep fry of the future. The sound is an eclectic electric love-child: the product of an affair between Jimi Hendrix and the Funky Meters, after a long night of drinking with space aliens, and jamming to Bob on the jukebox. MHP delivers a mash-up of energetic funk and slinky soul with a psychedelic twist and a chili salt rim. The mission: to create an uplifting dance experience, spun full of twists and turns, interlaced with conscious reflective lyrics, expanding, contracting and alive like a universe unto itself.

                                                                    STAY TUNED!!!

We will be hit the lab in the next few months to start recording our 2nd Full Length Album!!

       Greetings fans of funk!! In an effort to stay more connected with our friends, fans and loved ones we will be doing a small blog on MHP updates!! Today we start a new chapter in our history. We're moving in a new direction. We are moving onward and upward. We will not be stopped. We will not slow down. We WILL pass go and collect $200!! We will buy the Boardwalk! Actually we are just going to start working with a new bassist. But it feels very exciting although we do miss our previous bassist already.

      During this next few months we will be playing very few live shows but don't count us out. Our goal is to have a new album to put in your ear holes  by Spring 2018!! If you have any suggestions or ideas you think we should implement  don't hesitate to let us know by email,, Facebook, or messenger pigeon.

We love you!!    #KEEPFUNKALIVE

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