How do you blow up without falling apart?

How do you make love without calling it art?

​How do you get high without leaving the ground?

​How do you move mountains only using sound?

                                              -Sam Hamby

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We are slowly starting get some shows back. Check out our Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with all the changes happening. 

Rest assured we are still doing everything we can to bring you some soul music any chance we get. We will be back!

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Marshall House Project is a drivingsoul-funkoutfit with one footrooted in the deep pockets of the past and the other fearlessly exploring the deep fry of the future.  The sound is an eclecticelectric love-child: the product of an affair between Jimi Hendrix and the Funky Meters, after a long night of drinking with space aliens, and jamming to  Bob on the jukebox.  MHP delivers a mash-up of energetic funk and slinky soul with a psychedelic twist and a chili salt rim.  The mission: to create an uplifting dance experience, spun full of twists and turns, interlaced with conscious reflective lyrics, expanding, contracting and alive like a universe unto itself.