Marshall House Project is a drivingsoul-funkoutfit with one footrooted in the deep pockets of the past and the other fearlessly exploring the deep fry of the future.  The sound is an eclecticelectric love-child: the product of an affair between Jimi Hendrix and the Funky Meters, after a long night of drinking with space aliens, and jamming to  Bob on the jukebox.  MHP delivers a mash-up of energetic funk and slinky soul with a psychedelic twist and a chili salt rim.  The mission: to create an uplifting dance experience, spun full of twists and turns, interlaced with conscious reflective lyrics, expanding, contracting and alive like a universe unto itself.

 Copyright © Marshall House Project

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Coming Up!

Feb 27th-Paso Robles
Tooth and Nail Winery

Feb 28th-Paso Robles

The Pour House

March 1st-San Luis Obispo

Frog and Peach

March 5th-Petaluma

Maguire's Pub

March 6th-Santa Rosa

Whiskey Tip

March 7th-Pacifica

Pacifica Brewery

March 13th-Santa Cruz

The Crepe Place

w/ B & The Hive

March 27th-Santa Rosa

Shady Oak Barrel House

​w/ Breakaway Funk

March 28th-Forest Knolls

​Papermill Creek Saloon